System of the Month June 2024: Easy Chester EOL – Simplifying “Eichrecht” Calibration-Compliant EV Charging Stations

Focus on Innovation and Compliance

In the dynamic world of electric vehicles (EV), adhering to stringent calibration standards and German “Eichrecht” rules is crucial. For June 2024, we would like to introduce the Easy Chester EOL as our System of the Month. This advanced system supports EV charging station manufacturers in meeting and exceeding calibration compliance requirements efficiently and effectively.

Key Features and Benefits

The Easy Chester EOL stands out with its comprehensive features and seamless integration, making it an indispensable tool:

1. Power Meter Integration of EVSE itself

  • Precise Measurements verified and protocolled: The system allows for the direct integration of power meter measurements of the EVSE itself into test reports, ensuring the verification of all EVSE measurements and documentation of them into the test report. With this not only accuracy and reliability of each charging station are proven, also according to German “Eichrecht” law ensured.

2. Reference Measurement with Calibrated Power Meter

  • ISO 17025 compliance: The power and system measurement of the charging station are additionally verified and automatically documented using a power meter calibrated according to ISO 17025 in order to compare reference values and clearly display deviations.

3. Comprehensive Documentation and Reporting

  • Regulatory Compliance: Use the extensive software functions of the Easy Chester EOL to carry out comprehensive functional and safety tests for the end-of-line test process and benefit from complete documentation of all test results and calibrations as well as proof of functionality.

Optimizing Production and Quality

The precise design and enhancements of the Easy Chester EOL not only ensure strict adherence to calibration standards but also optimize production workflows. Automation features and precise error analysis capabilities significantly improve the manufacturing process, ensuring that every charging station produced is a model of quality and reliability.

Shaping the Future of E-Mobility

By focusing on precision and compliance, the Easy Chester EOL plays a pivotal role in the success of EV charging infrastructure. Manufacturers using this system in combination with the comemso EVCA for compliance tests can be confident that their products meet the highest standards and set new benchmarks in the industry.

Further Information

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to highlight systems that shape the success story of e-mobility.

Disclaimer: Please note that the Easy Chester EOL does not replace the tests with a conformity tester for the communication and safety standards according to IEC 61851-1, DIN 70121, ISO 15118, IEC 61851-23, etc. For corresponding detailed conformity tests, the comemso EVCA with the appropriate hardware and software configuration should be used.

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