System of the Month April 2024: Our EVCA with Flex Technology for AC EVSE Testing

We are excited to introduce our System of the Month: the first EVCA (EV Charging Analyzer/Simulator) delivered with the new Flex Technology, specifically designed for testing AC charging stations (EVSE). This system marks an important milestone in our journey of innovation.

Why is it our System of the Month?

Two Special Units

  • Portable Tabletop Unit for Development: Lightweight and flexible extendable, ideal for the development environment.
  • Smaller Rack System for the Production Site: Specifically designed for electrical fault simulations and safety testing – also for end-of-line tests.

Consistent Testing and Measurement Data

Both systems allow for the exchange of testing and measurement data, ensuring consistency between development and production. The software configurations support fully automated tests for both conformity assessments and production testing.

Efficiency and Easy Maintenance

The quick maintenance capability of the hardware makes this system ideal for end-of-line testing and contributes to efficiency improvement.

Further Information

Discover how our EVCA with Flex Technology can simplify your testing processes for AC charging stations. Are you ready for the latest technology in charging station development?