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comemso invested in den charging standard CHAdeMO

For the further development of our own products in the field of measurement systems for charging systems comemso has now also a test vehicle and corresponding charging technology for the charging standard CHAdeMO. This charging technology comes especially in Asian regions to use and can also be developed on-site at comemso. The EV Charging Analyzer can therefore be analyzed and developed under real conditions. comemso thereby extending its range of products and expertise for measurement and charging system analysis except for conventional AC and DC charging methods also to the important standard of CHAdeMO.

comemso uses vapor phase soldering from Asscon

For the continuous improvement of our in-house production, we have decided to use the most advanced soldering method - vapor phase soldering. For this purpose we use the latest technology of Asscon. The vapor phase soldering is permitted up to the areas of aerospace and guarantees sometimes the best soldering results. By considering the resources this soldering technology is unprecedented especially taking into account under environmental aspects.

ASSCON VP 3000 inline

comemso's Electric-Vehicle

For the improvment of own Products in the field of measurement systems for electric vehicles comemso owns now one of the modernst electric vehilces. With this vehicle modern charging technologies in AC and DC now can be analysed. For this since July an own vehicle test bench is available.


comemso as registered trade mark in South Korea and Japan

Additional to Europe comemso is now registered also as trade mark in South Korea and Japan.

comemso invests in modern Wave Soldering System

For the emprovement of Quality and efficient increasing the production comemso invests in modern and economic Wave Soldering Technology.