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BMS testing with Battery Cell Simulator (BCS)

Developing and testing cutting-edge Battery Management Systems – your big leap forward!

Experience best-in-class BMS testing with products from comemso, a leader in battery management system testing for more than 10 years. Our Battery Cell Simulator (BCS) enables you to optimize, validate and ensure the safety and robustness of your automotive Battery Management System (BMS). Increase the range of your EV, optimize battery cell health and aging, and streamline your BMS testing procedure through active or passive balancing simulations with the state-of-the-art (BCS) designed for BMS Hardware-in-the-Loop validation (BMS HiL) was developed.

Comemso offers a diverse range of modules for BMS testing with scalable variants and diverse functions to meet different BMS validation needs. Our modular Battery Cell Simulators offer tailor-made solutions, combining standard components for maximum flexibility in implementing different sized systems to meet customer requirements.

Our product range includes portable benchtop systems from 12 to 36 cells, ideal for chipmakers, start-ups or entry-level research into automotive Battery Management System testing. We also offer mid-size systems from 24 to 60 cells, aimed at designers of BMS or active and passive balancing systems. For larger requirements, we recommend large racks with more than 204 cells, which can be customized according to customer specification.

All comemso systems enable comprehensive BMS testing from cell level to pack level to ensure the development of safe, energy efficient and durable products with accurate and reliable range information. Regardless of their size, our systems can be configured as End-of-Line (EOL) variants for continuous operation and the highest precision (less dynamic) in battery cell emulation with high accuracy.

Benefit from one system for different BMS testing applications: From BMS development and validation to EMC testing to end-of-line production testing.

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Powerful modules
freely configurable by customers


The Battery Cell Simulator is the core element of every BMS test system. Each module contains 12 virtual battery cells that electrically simulate real cells in electric vehicles. All of their properties can be parameterized and can therefore provide the battery management system with all the necessary states at cell level in a highly precise and dynamic manner. Static tests can be performed for extensive validation of balancing algorithms and security mechanisms, including combinatorics of multiple errors. In addition, dynamic tests are possible using integrated, differently parameterized comemso battery models on each cell or already connected Matlab models. With the dynamic tests, the state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH) and history (log book) functions of the BMS can be checked. The electrical emulation of virtual battery cells not only enables the user to carry out extensive, but also safe, reproducible and fully automatic tests of the BMS. With the open interface for various software tool chains, comemso offers flexible options for different customer needs and powerful, ready-to-use test systems with very short training times.

Latest Software / Firmware:
Gen7: Rel_01.21.00 / Gen8: Rel_08.01.00


The Failure Simulation Unit (FSU) emulates electrical line breaks in the cable connection between the battery management system (BMS) and the emulated battery cells. This error case can be set and simulated per each FSU module individually between 1 or up to 120 cells at the same time. This makes it possible to check how the BMS reacts to line breaks in the measuring and balancing lines to the cells, but also to simulate the “marriage” between BMS and cells – with different sequences and permutations.


A power supply unit (PSU) is the unit in the system that supplies the battery cell modules with the appropriate isolated module voltages. By regulating and stabilizing the voltage, it ensures the required currents for any load condition. There are two power supply size variants depending on the test bench size. In addition to the modules, other components from comemso can also be supplied.


The SwitchBox has a number of tasks. On the one hand, it is a safe power distribution box for the various components of the test system and is suitable for 1 or 3 phases, 110/230V – 220/400V. With a main switch, emergency stop switch and various safety mechanisms, it corresponds to the safety guidelines and is therefore an important part of the safety of the overall test bench. There are different versions with different safety features such as isolation monitoring, emergency stop chain across multiple systems or remote control to meet each customer’s needs.


The 2-channel R-ISO-Check card emulates the insulation resistance in the high voltage range between DC+ to PE and DC- to PE. The resistance value can be set in the range of 20 kOhm to 65 MOhm. This function is important because the BMS has to detect a possible dangerous isolation fault/connection of the battery with the chassis or other components outside the battery in order to pretect life and limb.


The NTC/PTC is used to simulate a temperature-dependent resistance in the value range from 0 Ω up to 8.1 MΩ, with a high resolution. It allows to simulate the thermal behavior by changing the resistance. In addition, it is optionally possible to simulate the fault case of a short circuit and a cable break. Thus, the behavior of the battery management system at different simulated temperatures and electrical faults can be represented.

Some of our customers worldwide who trust us

Some of our customers feedback

„At TI, we know having the right tools and support makes innovation possible. Our broad portfolio of devices for battery management systems coupled with comemso’s proven results and accuracy with their battery cell simulator helps accelerate design time. comemso offers the ability to test and measure your system on a cell level with high precision.“

„Outstanding technical knowledge of comemso and customer application. High product quality and suitable for research.“

Are you interested in a Battery Cell Simulator?
We will create a suitable offer for you.

Are you interested in a Battery Cell Simulator?
We will create a suitable offer for you.

More information – product highlights

Reasons why comemso is a powerful partner for you

Comemso continually invests in research and development to ensure our battery cell simulators incorporate cutting edge technologies to provide accurate and efficient simulation of battery cell performance to keep you ahead of your competitors in the energy storage market.

Comemso can customize the battery cell simulator to meet your specific testing and simulation needs, ensuring a personalized and efficient solution that meets your unique battery development and validation needs.

Comemso’s dedicated team of experts provide world-class customer and technical support for Battery Cell Simulator, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the partnership, from installation to ongoing maintenance and updates.

By using innovative technologies, comemso offers a cost-effective battery cell simulator that ensures a high return on investment for your battery development and testing projects.

Comemso’s Battery Cell Simulator was developed with a commitment to environmental responsibility by incorporating sustainable practices, using renewable energy and ISO 14001 certified processes in production, allowing you to promote a positive brand image while developing energy-efficient battery solutions.

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Are you interested in a BCS System? We will create a suitable offer for you.

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Testing of a Battery Management System using a Battery Cell Simulator and test automation.


How to order

Are you interested in a BCS System? We will create a suitable offer for you.

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Are you interested in our solutions? Send us a message. We are happy to help.

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