BCS Advanced

comemso introduces new BCS Advanced Module and Voltage Oscillation for fault simulation

As various applications require increasingly higher cell currents, comemso introduces its Advanced variant of the battery cell simulator. It allows users to run currents of up to 7.5 A per cell, both as source and sink, in continuous operation. Also, the Advanced variant supports cascading of emulat-ed cells up to a stack voltage of 1500 V. In addition, the new software feature “Voltage Oscillation” is introduced, which extends the possibilities of fault simulation.

In order to provide enough power for special applications, the advanced version of the well-known BCS Compact modules can now deliver up to 7.5 A at 5 V cell voltage. The previous 6 A can also be achieved at 8 V as before. In addition, the new model has proven functions such as the fault simulation of a cable break, short circuit of a cell, the polarity changes of a cell, but also the usual high precision of 2 mA and 0.5 mV for both measurement and generation of the current and voltage values.

However, the above-mentioned fault simulation for each cell represents only a small part of the challenges of a BMS. That is why comemso is constantly expanding the possibilities to comprehen-sively test the BMS hardware and software. During alternating current (AC) charging, for example, the vehicle’s on-board charger can expose the BMS to electromagnetic interference. On the one hand, the BMS can filter this interference. On the other hand, the BMS should also be able to moni-tor the dynamic cell behaviour, which would be overlooked if the filtering is too strong. In order to optimise the filtering accordingly, comemso has developed the new software feature “Voltage Os-cillation”. Here, a quasi-sine voltage with an amplitude, individually adjustable for each cell, of up to 35 mV (70 mVpp) and a frequency of 1 to 1000 Hz is modelled on the DC voltage to emulate an in-terference signal. Also special: this new feature can be updated to delivered BCS Gen. 8 and even on request to Gen. 7, which is covered by the software maintenance at no additional cost.