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Intelligente Rechneransteuerung IRA-Duo

IRA-Duo is a strong and compact embedded system for the intelligent boot up and shut down of computer systems, but also for the construction of prototypes in the automobile sector. Using MOSFET technology, currents can be switched up to 15A.

The activation can be done via CAN message, Wake-on-CAN or initiation timing. The computer can be shut down via ATX function, USB or RS232.





Boot up of the operating system via:

  • KL15 (initiation timing)

  • a defined CAN message

  • Wake-on-CAN (bus activity)

Shut down of the operating system via:

  • ATX function (independent of the operating system)

  • RS232 via IRAWinDown / IRATuxDown

  • USB via IRAWinDown / IRATuxDown

Special Features:

  • CAN high speed and CAN low speed capable

  • battery discharge protection circuit (low voltage detection)

  • thermal overheating protection (digital temperature sensor)

  • wide operating voltage range (6..24VDC)

  • compact / robust construction

Using modern MOSFET technology, IRA-PCI also works for inductive loads such as power inverters. The switching times are configurated easily via the integrated CAN interface or the Windows application IRAConfig, which is available in the download area.

Times t1..t6 and mode (ATX, Normal) are settable. Therefore, computer systems can be controlled elegantly via the integrated ATX function. IRA-Duo offers a wide range of possibilities, just get in contact with us.


Please contact our sales deparment for technical issues / price requests:
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Technische Daten

  • voltage range: 6...24VDC
  • low quiescent current: 500 µA 
  • max. switching capacity at the output U1: 60A (über MOSFETs)
  • max. switching capacity at the output K2a/K2b: 15A
  • high speed CAN (TJA1050) and low speed CAN (TJA1055)
  • CAN 500kBd / 250kBd / 125kBd /100kBd / 83,333kBd / 50kBd / 20kBd
  • optional CAN termination
  • activation via: KL15, CAN-ID, Wake-on-CAN
  • system shut down via: ATX function, RS232, USB
  • input signal KL15 and Hold: 6…36V (galvanically isolated)
  • battery discharge protection bars: 8,5V, 9V, 9,5V, 10V, 10,5V, 11V, 13V,
  • 14V, 15V, 16V, 17V, 18V, 19V, 20V, 21V, 22V
  • easy configuration off all switching times
  • reverse polarity protection
  • thermal overheating protection (digital temperature sensor)
  • control of up to 2 computer systems (via external switch, RS232 and accordingly USB even more)
  • CAN activation (ID, Byte, Bit, polarity, baud rate) fully configurable
  • CAN activation/deactivation also configurable via general bus activity
  • configuration data storage in the non-volatile flash memory
  • hold function (to bridge key removal, e.g. at the refuelling)
  • internal EMC filtering
  • size 15A: 185 x 130 x 45 (LxBxH) mm
  • size 60A: 210 x 130 x 45 (LxBxH) mm
  • weight: 680g (15A)    820g (60A)
  • temperature range: -20...+70°C
  • optional: customizable, please contact us for higher current systems up to 120A or more!

    Best.-Nr: IRA-211HL
    high and low speed CAN, 60A, MOSFET, 6..24V, 0..+70°C

    Best.-Nr: IRA-210HL high and low speed CAN, 15A, MOSFET, 6..24V, 0..+70°C

    Best.-Nr: IRA-221HL high and low speed CAN, 60A, MOSFET, 6..24V, -20..+70°C

    Best.-Nr: IRA-220HL high and low speed CAN, 15A, MOSFET, 6..24V, -20..+70°C

    Best.-Nr: IRA-RS232 RS232 configuration adapter

    Best.-Nr: IRA-USB USB adapter for the configuration via USB/RS232



Brief description

IRA-Duo 15A
IRA-Duo 60A

Product manual 15A comemso_IRA_Duo_15A_Manual.pdf

Product manual 60A comemso_IRA_Duo_60A_Manual.pdf


Shutdown-Tool for Windows

Shutdown-Tool for Linux

Windows application IRAConfig

IRAConfig can be used as a configuration tool or as a calculator for the calculation of the configuration data. To configurate IRA-USV, use a serial or USB interface (including a RS232 adapter). IRAConfig can be run on  the common variants of Windows (TM) (Win98/2000/XP/Vista) and there is no need for an installation, since it works as an independent application.


Current version 1.2:


Previous version: