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Voltage Peak Absorber (VPA)

An active Cell Balancing System with inductive generated current pulses requires the very low source resistance of the battery cell. If a BMS system shall be operated with active balancing and current pulses caused inductively at a simulator/emulator the source resistance of the battery cell is missed. In this case the BM system will be damaged by high voltage pulses. There solution therefore is to use comemsos Voltage Peak Absorber (VPA). This device operates as a high dynamic voltage controlled current sink.

The comemso Voltage Peak Absorber (VPA) is completely compatible with tne comemso Battery Cell Simulator (BCS). E.g. the BCS sets the voltage level of a low cell, voltage pulses above this range will be absorbed by the VPA. Each VPA Probe can absorbe voltage peaks at occured currents in the rage of 0...18A (peak 25A). If higher currents occure, the VPA Probes can be scalled. The VPA Probes will be controlled by the VPA Master which is placed in a 19" racked case. The VPA Master communicates over CAN-bus and supports power supplies with 230VAC and 110VAC.

Product description





- Voltage pulses from 0..50V
- Current pulses 18A (peak 25A)
- Cell supply range 2...7V
- Pulse Frequency: 10kHz < f < 100kHz
- Communication over CAN-bus





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