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ADTF Consulting and Engineering

The software framework ADTF by Elektrobit represents a de facto standard for image processing measurement systems in the automotive sector. comemso GmbH supports the creation of suitable filters and the connection of new hardware interfaces in the framework. Furthermore, we offer to connect our consulting and engineering services with our products and measurement solutions on request.

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Testing Consulting and Engineering

Due to increasing demands and complexity of embedded systems the automated test execution and the check and logging of the results have entered many areas. A good test coverage by manual inspection can hardly be reached without a high financial commitment. comemso GmbH offers financially profitable support and solutions for the test automation of embedded systems.

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Embedded Software Services

By embedded software, we understand the development of hardware-related software on many different circuit boards, for example PIC controller, micro controller of all kinds of maufacturers (Infineon, ARM, Atmel, Intel, etc.). With this understanding we control both easy 8Bit derivates and modern 32Bit risc controllers.

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Xenomai Consulting and Engineering

The Linux real time expansion Xenomai gives us the possibility to create real time applications in the range of a few micro seconds on multiprocessor systems. comemso GmbH offers experience in implementing these time critical applications in the automotive and military sector.
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EtherCAT Consulting and Engineering

EtherCAT is a real time bus system with its origin in automation technology. Nowadays modern sensors and actuators can be activated via this bus system. We provide the necessary know-how to integrate such sensors/actuators, also in vehicles. This is why comemso GmbH is a member of, the umbrella association of EtherCAT technology. Being a part of, we do not just know about current trends, but also have an extensive knowledge on the current range of functions of this modern bus system.

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