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comemso presents the Cable-Length-Booster

The Cable-Length Booster is now available for the Battery Cell Simulator. This is a smart electronics, which provides the precision of + /-500μV when setting the cell voltage also for cables with small cross sections (AWG20 / 0.5 mm ²) and large lengths of up to 10m under full load. Therefore a current until 3A in accordance of 10m cable length can be realized. This is necessary because for large systems having more than 100 cells, a corresponding space requirement is needed.


comemso wins 2nd Place of the Innovation Award of Baden-Württemberg in 2013

comemso obtained for the innovation of the battery-cell-simulator in conjunction with the voltage-peak-absorber the second place of the Innovation Award of Baden-Württemberg. The price is endowed with 10.000 EUR and will be used at comemso for further research purposes in this field. We thank all those involved.

comemso analyzes the Charging System of the new Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S can reach ranges of upto 500km by one battery charging. This needs special requirements to the charging system. comemso takes the EV Charging Analyzer to measure the whole charging under real conditions.

Publication EV Charging Analyzer in Magazin E-Mobility 2 / 2013

Publication to the topic "EV Charging AnAlyzer for conductive charging" in Magazin E-Mobility 2 / 2013 of Hanser Automotive.

Download publication:

comemso sponsert das Global Formula Racing Team

Das Management der comemso übergibt den Batteriezellen-Simulator an die Vertreter des Global Formula Racing Teams und Studenten der DHBW Ravensburg / Oregon State University. Der Batteriezellen-Simulator dient dabei zur Weiterentwicklung des Elektro-Rennwagens. Wir freuen uns auf die nächsten Rennen.